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EHSQ Advisor

PXGEO, global geophysical services Company, is looking for an experienced EHSQ Advisor to join its EHSQ team.


The EHSQ Advisor reports to the EHSQ Manager and provides functional support across the company with particular focus on vessel projects.


The EHSQ Advisor will assume the responsibility to initiate and monitor all those actions necessary to ensure compliance with the Company EHSQ commitments, Management System; contractual, regulatory and class requirements applicable for the Operation of the Vessels.


The EHSQ Advisor is assigned the authority to call attention to, report and follow up any kind of EHSQ related issues regarding Operation of the vessels. The responsibility to put the agreed EHSQ measures/programs into action lies with the line management.

About the job

Main Responsibilities:

  • Maintain an independent view of implementation of EHSQ & Operations Risk requirements and associated risks.

  • Liaising with the Operations and EHSQ teams regarding EHSQ Matters in delivery of project and operations EHSQ requirements.

  • Liaising with the Client regarding EHSQ Matters in delivery of contractual EHSQ requirements.

  • Liaising with the regulators to deliver regulatory EHSQ requirements efficiently. • Provide deep technical support to the line in all aspects of occupational EHSQ, Emergency Response, Risk Management and Technical Safety (Integrity Management, safety barrier management, Major Accident Risk)

  • Intervene and escalate as appropriate to cause corrective action.

  • Ensure appropriate EHSQ commitments, systems, standards, guidelines, procedures and bridging documents are in place to fulfil the requirements of the Company Management System, contractual and External Compliance requirements.

  • Provide EHSQ advice to the management team and all staff and promote line responsibility for EHSQ.

  • Develop and monitor plans to meet EHSQ policy/standard requirements.

  • Support delivery of the Integrated Audit Plan for EHSQ processes and operational activities to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Ensure all EHSQ legal requirements are understood and addressed.

  • Develop EHSQ Plans with Line Managers & Corporate EHSQ Function.

  • Remaining current with regulatory, industry and EHSQ developments; recommending initiatives to further ongoing continuous improvement.

  • Frequent international travel, often at short notice and periods of time spent on the vessels.

  • Supporting line management in the investigation of incidents, non-conformances and system failures as directed, to identify root causes identified and recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Actively and systematically seeking and suggesting improvements and innovations.

  • Supporting and active involvement with all environmental initiatives

  • Providing timely trip and or project reports.

  • Fulfill their assigned responsibilities as part of the Emergency Response team in line with the Emergency Response Plan and duty list as required.

Required Competencies:

  • Experience in working offshore within the Seismic Industry with a proven focus on EHSQ involvement.

  • Experience with management systems, Incident investigation, auditing techniques, field risk management and unsafe act auditing and condition observation.

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