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Graduate Program

Innovating the Future of Marine Geophysics


Our Graduate Program is your opportunity to fast-track your professional experience in marine, subsea, and automation technologies. 

24 Months

France | Sweden | UAE | Offshore

What to expect in the Program:

Functional Assignments: Apply your engineering degree in specialized roles within our company.
Functional Experiences: Engage in short experiences designed to accelerate your learning.
Technical Training: Receive formal and on-the-job training crucial to your professional roles.
Personal Development: Participate in programs to hone your leadership and business skills.

Explore your potential

  • Technology & Engineering: Engage in the design, development, and deployment of leading-edge subsea systems and ocean bottom node technology.

  • Operations and Support: Gain hands-on experience managing the day-to-day operational challenges of our marine and subsea operations.

  • Commercial, Sales & Marketing: Explore roles focused on market analysis, client engagement, and the strategic positioning of PXGEO in the industry.

Who is it for

  • A recent graduate in Engineering or a related technical discipline

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Research and reporting skills

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Willing to travel and work internationally

  • Valid permission to work within the European Union 

What's in it for you

  • Dynamic career growth in a forward-thinking environment.

  • Learn from the best in Operations, Commercial, Sales & Marketing, and Technology & Engineering.

  • Global exposure with opportunities to work and learn in France, Sweden, UAE, and offshore environments.

  • Personalized career pathing post-program to align with your strengths and our strategic needs.

Complete the application form

Submit your resume and cover letter

Prepare for an adventure in marine geophysics

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