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We have embarked on a mission to be the most efficient, highest quality and environmentally responsible geophysical services provider, delivering seamless subsurface imaging to our clients for a sustainable future.

​Along the way, our vision, core values, and commitments will guide us, and form the fabric of our company culture. We believe that by staying true to our values, our commitments, to each other, and to all our stakeholders, we can transform the PXGEO vision into reality as we continue to lead the way in environmental stewardship and challenge others to elevate their contribution.



For PXGEO, safety leadership and individual accountability is not a choice, but a requirement. Underpinned by our commitments, core values and management system, all PXGEO employees, partners, suppliers and contractors have a role to play as leaders in safety and to contribute collectively to the overall safety culture which is visible throughout the company.

PXGEO leaders from all parts of the business demonstrate personal safety leadership by engaging in frequent interaction with all PXGEO offices and offshore operations to engage in safety-focused dialogue.

With continuous performance improvement an embedded element of the PXGEO culture, raising awareness of potential workplace hazards, building capabilities to prevent such hazards and applying elements of behavioral safety to understand ‘why people do the things they do’, are important elements of the PXGEO continuous improvement cycle.


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Delivering excellence in sustainable seismic solutions

PXGEO was founded on a vision to change the conventional dynamic of operations through strong sustainability ambitions and innovative technology solutions. In recent years, stakeholders have challenged the progress of sustainability initiatives by the oilfield services industry and scrutinized emissions in all forms. While the global conversation around energy continues to evolve, it is anchored in moving towards true sustainability. 

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