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Duncan Eley

Chief Executive Officer

Caleb for web_edited.jpg
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Caleb Raywood

General Counsel & Company Secretary

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Hans Peter Burlid

Chief Financial Officer

Siffre Charlotte - PXGEO Photo 3 square v3.jpg
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Charlotte Siffre

SVP People & Sustainability

Andy Thom for web.jpg
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Andy Thom

Chief Operating Officer

Pz (1 of 1) web.jpg
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Peter Zickerman

Founder, Director & Strategic Advisor

Martin Hartland web.jpg
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Martin Hartland

Chief Technology Officer

Andy with bg.jpg
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Andrew Lambert

VP Sales Asia Pacific & Middle East

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Tim Bunting

Chief Geophysicist

PXGEO Reef Tower  (1 of 1).jpg
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Ali Jalloul

VP Operations &

Brent OBrien 2.jpg
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Brent O'Brien

VP Sales Americas

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Gary Winfield

VP Technical

Scott 2 croped.jpg
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John Scott

VP Sales Europe & Africa

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