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PXGEO is an innovative marine geophysical service provider combining the strengths of ocean bottom node and towed streamer seismic data acquisition techniques to deliver seamless subsurface imaging for a sustainable future.

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To deliver sustainable seismic solutions for the world’s energy transition


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Our people are critical to successful service delivery to our clients and central to striving towards the PXGEO vision. We believe in empowerment and accountability of all employees, with a strong focus on learning and development.

In both onshore and offshore work environments our people will be supported to do their best, enjoy their day-to-day roles and progress both professionally and personally.

"My first priority is and always will be ensuring the safety and maximizing the efficiency of our operations. With our maritime and seismic personnel working as one team under one management system PXGEO provides a great environment to achieve this."

Ali Jalloul

Ali Jalloul, VP EHSQ

Caren Reyes

"Having people around me with the same passion and dedication motivates and inspires me in my work supporting the Operations, HR, Crewing and Sales teams in their day-to-day operations."

Caren Reyes, Crew Coordinator

"Managing complex crew changes for our offshore population is a very challenging job with a lot of pressure, but with the support from my managers and peers it is also very rewarding and enjoyable."

Noel Espiel

Noel Espiel, Crew Coordinator


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