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PXGEO 2 delivered and mobilizing for 4D acquisition project

The Rolls-Royce designed 14-streamer seismic vessel, PXGEO 2, has been delivered to marine seismic acquisition company PXGEO. The vessel was constructed in 2013 and is equipped with state-of-the-art seismic acquisition systems including Sercel Sentinel® solid streamers and Sercel G-Source II energy arrays.

PXGEO 2 is now mobilizing for a 4D marine seismic project for an international oil and gas company. The project will commence in Q2 2021 with duration of approximately 10 weeks.

PXGEO 2 Vessel Specification
Download PDF • 431KB

PXGEO is an innovative marine geophysical service provider combining the strengths of ocean bottom and towed streamer seismic data acquisition techniques to deliver seamless subsurface imaging for a sustainable future.



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