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PXGEO expands autonomous subsea offering

PXGEO expands its subsea offering through the acquisition of Modus Subsea Services.

Modus Subsea Services is a leading provider of offshore life-of-field support services specializing in autonomous subsea operations using Underwater Intervention Drones (UID) based on the Saab Sabertooth platform. The company has also developed and commercialized the industry's first-ever UID subsea residency solution.

Through this strategic acquisition, PXGEO and Modus Subsea Services will leverage their respective technological expertise and enhance their subsea autonomous offerings to provide their customers with a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced exposure, and a lower environmental footprint.



Tony Bowman, CEO


PXGEO is an innovative marine geophysical provider combining the strengths of ocean bottom and towed streamer seismic data acquisition techniques to deliver seamless subsurface imaging for a sustainable future.



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